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Wendy Wallis

Played by Samantha Fisher

Wendy Wallis is the totally opposite to her husband Trevor, she came from a rich background and expected to be a kept woman, she can be a bit of a flirt at times and she got into trouble once with her ex boyfriend in a club, one night, where she met Trevor who saved her from a beating from her ex. She is a blond girl with good looks and can be easily led, Trevor protects her most of the time, when he is home, but when she is out she can be a bit wild and do things without putting any real thought into her actions. Wendy can also be a little naive sometimes as she has been protected by her parents in the past as a child, a little spoilt and by Trevor her husband but it really has not done her any favours. She comes unstuck in the film by creating circumstances in which the outcome does not go her way, this time she can’t stamp her feet to get her own way.