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Kim CID Officer

Played by Ciara O'Connorl

Kim as been in the police force for about 10 years, she has seen it all, and is getting a bit despondent about the job due to all the cuts implemented on the force. She has come accustomed to the hum drum of the job and nothing phases her and as now distance herself from what the job brings.
Kim is now hardened to all she sees, with an attitude that she has seen it all, therefore can be quite cold towards people and sees every person has a criminal. She is quite bossy and just wants to get the job done and go home. In the film Kim is partnered with Kev who she is training up and finds it a bit tedious, she would rather do the job herself, nevertheless she knows that she has to do it anyway but uses Kev to do all the fetch me carry me jobs, like driving and getting the coffee.