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Played by Kuljit Singh

Dalwar is a single young man with a dream, to run a clean club, he is fed up of clubs full of drug dealers and pretty much declares war on them. His parents came over in the early 60s, unfortunately they died in a car crash hit by a drunk driver two years ago, but Dalwar fights on despite his loss. Dalwar pretends to be struggling with the club, it's true to some extent but it's not the whole truth, he stand his ground keeping the club clean and drug free, like Trevor he hated bullies and would stand up against them. But Dalwar has a secret that nobody knows and that he wants to keep quiet as much as possible, not even his close friends know. Dalwar is faced with a life changing dilemma in the film and it will change peoples lives forever so he has to deal with it as fast as he can and doesn't really want to face the truth.