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Andrew Thorn

Played by Steve Pollard

Andrew Thorn, a bit of a wheeler-dealer, always out to make a quick buck no mater who gets in his way. He got together with a young lad (Tom Walker) who was pretty good with software and set up a company called WALKERTHORN, it is a software company that made bespoke software for clients needs, not something you could pick off the shelves. He saw an opportunity and took it in more ways than one, yet Tom his partner did most of the work along with Trevor who was top salesman. Andrew is only out for one thing, himself, as long as he gets his cash he is fine. Thing is in the film his world of wheeling and dealing throughout the years is about to take a wrong turn and ends up on the wrong side of the law. But Andrew being the cocky wheeler-dealer that he is thinks he can get away with this one. Andrew finds himself in a whole heap of brown sticky smelly substance that has been dropped from a great height