The CastMeet the People in the film



Dean Sills

Trevor Wallis

played by Dean Sills
Samantha Fisher

Wendy Wallis

played by Samantha Fisher
Kuljit Singh

Dalwar Singh

played by Kuljit Singh
Jessie Joan


played by Jessie Joan
Steve Pollard

Andrew Thorn

played by Steve Pollard
David Morrell

Tom Walker

played by David Morrell
William Marshall

Kev CID Officer

played by William Marshall
Ciara O'Connor

Kim CID Officer

played by Ciara O'Connor

Additional Cast

Oliver Exley - as Yob 1
Gregg Ibbotson - as Yob 2
Yesmien Ali - as Lady on the wall
Frankie Dean - as Lad 1
Ben Whitney - as Lad 2
Terry Dalloway - as Gangster Ben
Ross Marshall - as The Bouncer
Johleen Wakefield - as Office Worker 1
Carley Motley - as Office Worker 2
Samantha Senior - as Office Worker 3
Mark Wilmore - as the Hospital Doctor
Caitlin Burrows - as Amy
Callum Reid - as Mr Walker the Lawyer
Beverly Jacques - as Rude women
Steve Call - as Rude Man
Billy Pearce - as a Cameo Role


Steve Call - Writer Producer Director
Dean Sills - Co Producer
Nathan Mackenzie - Post Sound Production
Steve Call - Post Production, Music Score
Olivia Wilford - Official Photographer
Mark Wilmore, Kuljit Singh - Clapper Board
Steve Pollard, Dean Sills - Camera 2
Steve Call - Camera 1 & Sound Recording
Rahul Sabbarwal - Additional Music
Simone Cilio - Additional Music
Rachel Vickers - Make up & FX Make up
Dawn Hills - Actors Coach and Actor Support
Rebecca Sills - Prop Graphic Design
Ian Elliott - Website Design